15 August 2013

Traveling Dogs

My dogs have literally traveled via planes, trains (twice) and automobiles. They've covered a lot of miles!! Last weekend (thanks to the ineptitude of Congress we've had 3-day weekend for the past 5 weeks) we went to Trier, Germany and Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.  Luckily for me, the dogs love to travel and see new places!

On the banks of the Moselle River in Trier looking at the Romerbrucke...the oldest bridge north of the Alps that still carries traffic.

The hotel we stayed at in Trier (Hotel Deutscher Hof for anyone interested) left this for the dogs...how awesome is that?!?!  Two blankets, two water bowls, two food bowls, two packages of homemade dog treats and a door sign letting people know there are dogs in the room. I've stayed in lots of hotels with the dogs and never received anything like this. I would absolutely stay there again and have told all my dog-owning friends here!
Sitting like good dogs waiting for one of those homemade treats the hotel gave them.
Enjoying said treat.
At one of the Elephants in the Parade.
In Constitution Square with a view of the Pont Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg.
The dogs were very popular amongst many of the tourists.  They received lots of attention and had their pictures taken may times.

The hotel in Luxembourg put us on the 4th floor and the elevator was so small that I had to prop one leg up in order for all three of us to fit!
The room wasn't much bigger than the elevator.  What you see is literally all there was. I'm standing in the bathroom doorway and the bathroom door opens against the room door. My bag is on the desk because putting it on the floor mean the dogs couldn't lie down. There was no other furniture in the room.
The dogs are getting a break from cars and hotels (they do miss having a yard where they can run freely) while I go to Scotland.  They will stay with a colleague who has a big fenced yard and fields behind so they will get lots of off-leash time.  I haven't decided where we're going next but you know I'll post about the experience here :)

Have you traveled with pets?  What's your experience been?  Any recommendations for places we definitely should check out or avoid?


  1. What great adventures and adventurers♫ My Waltz effort: http://lauriekazmierczak.com/midwest-mania/

  2. They are cute! and what a great hotel you found. Thanks for sharing the pics and story and partying with us :)