20 August 2011

Thank Goodness for Semi-Honest People

I left my camera at the table at lunch today. When I realized it was gone I went back to look for it. The lady at the table had the camera in her purse. She didn't turn it in to the restaurant like I would have but she did give it to me when I asked. I was grateful for that.

18 August 2011


I was given a last-minute opportunity to attend a training class in Portland, OR. I lied to Mom and told her they wouldn't let me fly any other route but directly there and back. Then I surprised everyone with a visit. Sadly, there are no pictures of the actual surprises but here's one of the family.


There's a blueberry farm nearby. On a luckily nice day a couple weeks ago I headed there with two friends to pick berries.

Being the first nice day in a while, the place was packed!

Brenda and Amy with our haul!