25 January 2014

When You Give A Kid A Camera - Sundays in My City

This is my little sister, Mavis.

She was born after I lived with her family but while I was still in Ghana. She peed in my lap when she was still a baby :) Now she's 11 years old, smart and curious. Cameras are too expensive for most Ghanaians so pictures of themselves are a rare thing to have. They love looking at the display on your digital camera. Mavis was fascinated so I gave her the point-and-shoot and let her have fun. This is her view of her village.

The first thing she did was aim the camera at me.

Our mother

A little view of a little village through the eye of kid using a camera for the first time!
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Unknown Mami

12 January 2014

Hands and Feet - Sundays in My City

It goes without saying that my skin color (some would say lack-of-color) is quite different from that of the Ghanaians. 

The little kids liked playing with the veins in the back of my hand.

These kids are fascinated by the simplest things. Spending time there really gives you perspective and allows you to truly unplug and observe.

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Unknown Mami

05 January 2014

Fronger Park, Oslo - Sundays in My City

I could give you the history of the park and some background on the sculptor but I won't. I just give you a few of the figures (feel free to look it up, though). 

I loved how they were so realistic...wrinkles and folds and sags and not just well-chiseled features. I found them incredibly beautiful!

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