04 September 2012

Some Days The Hill Is Just Harder To Climb

I'm not speaking metaphorically here; although, I guess it is a good metaphor for a lot of my days. But right now I'm talking about the actual hill I have to ride my bike up every day on my way home from work.  In the morning, on the way down, it's great. Although it's quite stinging in the cold.  

View from the bottom

 It is easier with my new bike.  Did I mention I got a new bike?  I broke down and bought a Dutch bike. The guy at the bike shop said Dutch people sit ON their bikes while Americans sit IN their bikes. I'm not exactly sure what he means by that but there is a difference and I'm sure someone more mechanically inclined than myself could explain it.  Something to do with gear ratios or leverage or...something. The mountain bike tires on my American bike do have a higher coefficient of friction (I remember a couple things from Physics) but I'm pretty sure that doesn't explain all of it. My 3-speed Dutch bike goes up the hill more easily than my 24-speed American bike.  I still get passed by all the Dutch people (I chalk that up to their extremely long legs) but I get up the hill faster than before.

In my office since it was raining outside.  I have to get new bags as one has now split beyond the repair capabilities of duct tape and I'm looking for an orange basket to go on the front.

Despite the new bike and for unknown reasons, the hill is much more difficult some days than others. Today was one of those days. I can't find any correlation between my mood or what workout I did at the gym or the weather or how tired I am. It's never an easy climb but some days...