18 April 2015

the. book. chat {Favorite Self-Published Book}

This week's Book Chat, brought to you be Jessica at The Tangerine, is about self-published books.  Admittedly, I don't necessarily pay attention to publishing information.  However, I happen to know a self-published author very well (in fact, we're going to a baseball game together later today).

Per the book's blog, Blame it on Barbara, a well-written YA debut novel by C.B. Lilley:

Barbara and Jesse are charged with guarding the nation’s most valuable secrets from a group of rogue SVR agents, and they must protect them at all costs… possibly with their lives!  
Before her grandmother came to town, Barbara Birnbaum was just an average seventh grader at Warren G. Harding Junior High in Clarence, Indiana. She was, in fact, what some might describe as exceedingly average – average height, average grades, average looks, average everything. Her older brother and sister were the family favorites, above average in almost every way, and her younger brother and sister…well they were just weird. Over time, Barbara slowly blended into the background of her own life, not just at home but also at school where she was scarcely noticed by her classmates. Barbara never imagined that she could miss her old boring life, but that was before she was being hunted down by some of the world’s most dangerous villains!
In his hometown of Los Angeles, California, Jesse Jessup was a mischievous trouble-maker whose parents had long since washed their hands of him. They shipped him off to live with his grandmother in Clarence, Indiana, where he remained a mischievous trouble-maker whose parents had long since washed their hands of him. This big-city kid from California might as well have been from Moscow, since Los Angeles seemed just as foreign a place to be from to the other kids at Warren G. Harding Junior High.
Social misfits Jesse and Barbara find friendship in each other as they embark in the greatest adventure of their lives. Jesse’s fearlessness and Barbara’s keen insight make them a perfect team of temporary CIA agents as they inadvertently land themselves smack in the middle of a dangerous mission led by Barbara’s grandmother. They’ve got no one to depend on but each other as they face rogue SVR agents, dangerous thugs, mad scientists and their own insecurities in order to save themselves, their town and possibly even the world from certain destruction.
It is available on Amazon and I encourage you to support this independent author. While you're there, check out her debut movie, All American Christmas Carol.

All American Christmas Carol
What's your favorite self-published book; or who is your favorite self-published author?

Book Chat

05 April 2015

the. book. chat {What Are You Reading}

The Book Chat, over at The Tangerine, is back!  This week's topic is, "What Are You Reading."

I'm currently reading Bury Me Standing, The Gypsies and Their Journey by Isabel Fonseca.

Isabel Fonseca spent time among several gypsy communities. So far I've only read about the first group but I'm finding it very interesting.  Gypsies have been persecuted and misunderstood throughout history.  Much of the misunderstanding probably comes from the fact that they rarely let outsiders in and even when they do they closely guard many of the truths about themselves.

I've yet to figure out the meaning of the title of the book and I look forward to reading more and, hopefully, finding that answer.

What are you reading?