02 August 2013


This the third summer that I've been in the Netherlands and the third summer I've gone blueberry picking.  I love blueberries!!  Normally I pick a ton (okay, a few kilograms) and bake up a storm and freeze a bunch. But this year I'm sans oven (my oven went kaput a couple weeks ago and hasn't been repaired/replaced) and since I'm moving in a couple months I'm trying to empty my freezer, not fill it up.  So I picked less this year.  And, as today is the hottest day of the year I didn't want to be out there too long anyway. I still picked quite a bit, just not as much as in years past.

One of the good things about being so small is that I can easily get under the bushes. Most people just walk along and pick the ones that don't require any stooping or reaching.  I go pretty well inside the bushes and get all the ones everyone else passes by.  BONUS: that puts me in the shade!



Just one of the many things I'll miss about living here.


  1. That looks like so much fun, and delish!

  2. I remember those windmills :). I'd love to go blueberry picking one day.