22 December 2013

Happy Solstice - Sundays in My City

I love the solstice. I love what it represents and even though isn't not as dark here as it was in the Netherlands I'm still happy to celebrate the return of light.  There was a solstice celebration at the Conservatory at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore.

Inside the conservatory was a grand poinsettia display.


Outside were fires and music and a Winter Solstice Bonfire Resolution


Happy solstice!!

Unknown Mami

15 December 2013

When Ya Gotta Go - Sundays in My City

My favorites...seen at a café in Oslo, Norway

Not very interesting signs but I was amused!  Sit or Stand?

If there weren't pictures I would have had no idea which one to use in Slovenia!

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Unknown Mami

08 December 2013

Silly, Next Left - Sundays in My City

I recommend taking that left.

When you get to Silly, you can check out this little cheese maker.

Home made local cheese that's really super YUM!
Including Silly cheese!

You can check out all their products (including fresh raw milk, eggs, butter...) HERE.

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Unknown Mami