22 April 2008

An Actual Update

I hope I don't jinx myself by posting this; but I just got word that a new tasker is being issued. Departure in early July. Will post details when I get them.

10 April 2008

Things Happen for a Reason

I believe that. Not necessarily a pre-destined reason; but I believe things generally happen the way they should. It's just how we react that determines whether or not it works out for the best.

Civilians (perhaps just females, the details are unclear) were pulled from the PRTs because the remote areas where they are operating are becoming increasingly unsafe. So even though I was really looking forward to the work (okay, I'll admit it, I was pretty pissed when my tasker was canceled), I'm not unhappy that events unfolded as they did. Things will work out the way they're supposed to. I'm sure of that. And who knows, maybe there was a reason I was supposed to hang out here for a little while longer. You just never know.

I'm still waiting for a new tasker. But now I'm not upset on a minute-by-minute basis that it hasn't come down yet. As always, I will let you know when it does.