12 August 2013

Elephants Parade

In honor of World Elephant Day today(who knew, right?)...

The elephant Parade is the world's largest open-air exhibition in public space with 1.5m wide, ornate elephant statues. Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Milan and Copenhagen have already hosted this event.  About 95 colorful elephants will spend 3 months in the squares and city streets of Trier (Germany) and Luxembourg City (Luxembourg).  Each elephant is unique, designed by local and international artists and celebrities.  Many other celebrities such as Katy Perry, Goldie Hawn and Tommy Hilfiger were involved in the Elephant Parade.  After the exhibition the elephants will be auctioned off and proceeds go to the Asian Elephant Foundation.  -Courtesy of www.trier-today.de

I happened to be in both Trier and Luxembourg this past weekend.  I didn't see all 95 elephants, I'm sure.  But I saw many. I didn't get pictures of every elephant I saw.  Sometimes there were too many people around any my silent screams of "GET OUT OF MY WAY" did not have the intended effect :)   Here are some of the ones I did see. As you can imagine, the elephants were very popular with kids and sometimes that made the picture even better. It was fun spotting one out of the corner of your eye or walking past a square 4 times before noticing the elephant there. 

Couldn't resist getting a shot of the dogs with an elephant.

Do you have a favorite elephant?


  1. i don't really know. but they all look pretty lonely.


  2. They are so cute. I saw them in Heerlen, I think it was two years ago. Thanks for posting.

    Marianne from Let's Read

  3. That is awesome! Each one cuter than the last :). Thank you so much for sharing then, you made my week! :).

  4. I wouldn't know how to choose a favorite! They are all incredible. Can you believe I posted a elephant that I made today! How funny is that! Sweet hugs!