21 September 2016

Can Dogs Learn Italian?

Two years ago on this day I was getting ready to leave for Italy with my Mom and Gran. 

Now I'm preparing to move to Italy with 2 dogs. 

I've done an overseas move with 2 dogs before but this time there's a new dog and the old dog is...well, much older.  Not to mention the new dog has a blocky head which some people think makes him look like a pit bull.  It shouldn't come as any surprise that that makes getting him on a plane a potential nightmare...even to go as cargo...your luggage must be kept safe from such a dangerous monster (or, as my tiny 82-year old Gran says, a big love bug).  So throw in an anxiety attack and probable nervous breakdown with the rest of the usual stress over a big move.  I would never leave a dog behind so I will find a way. It's a good thing I have done the whole flying dogs overseas thing before because I already know how far in advance you need to start getting everything in order (in case you're wondering, it takes approximately 2 weeks longer than you have :p) and although I don't have my departure date yet I've already started with all their paperwork.  Because dogs can't fly if the ground temperature is below 45F I am shooting for an earlier departure date than I would like because I don't want to take my chances with mother nature.  So I'll have less time to get everything ready.

These past almost-3 years have been the closest (distance) to my family I've ever lived since I stopped living with them.  That has been great. I've never been able to go there and back in a day and it's awesome to be able to see them so often.

The work I've done and the people I've me through Adopt a Homeless Animal Rescue has been amazing.  They are such wonderful people and I love every one of those dogs.  You can read all about my rescue work here.

At an adoption event -Showing people how wonderfully easy-going this dog is.

I will miss all of that. The rest of this location, however, has been less than happy. The cost of living here is ridiculous and the work hasn't been my favorite. 

Aside from the distance from family I love living overseas.  I won't say I was born into the wrong family because those are definitely my people but I really feel like I should have been born Dutch.  That (the Netherlands) is the place (again, aside from the town where I grew up) that truly fits me...even if all the people are WAY taller. I have no doubt that I will love living in Italy and am super excited to explore more of Europe with those wonderful cheap air fares!  I'm hoping family and friends will visit me just like they did during my last stint overseas. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go sit in a corner and rock like Rain Man for a while.

Have you done an overseas move? Have you flown dogs overseas?  Do you have any advice for me?