05 February 2017

Cavoli!! - Sundays in My City

Roman Cauliflower - Cavolfiore Romano

I'm taking an Italian language class.  One of my favorite things we've learned so far is that "Cabbages!!" (or Cavoli!! pronounced cah-vo-lee) is used as an expression of frustration...sort of like Dang It!!  I don't know why I get such a kick out of shouting, Cabbages!!  but I do.  So here are some Roman Cauliflower ("cauliflower" is "flower cabbage" in Italian) for you.  They look really cool, too cool to eat, but are much more expensive than regular cavolfiore so I just look at these and eat the other ones :)

Cavoli!!!...it's fun...try it with me, you'll see...CAVOLI!!!

Do you know any fun or interesting (family friendly) expressions in other languages?

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22 January 2017

Vegan Vicenza and A Funny Mistake - Sundays in My City

There are a couple vegan restaurants in Vicenza.  I tried one this week.  It was fantastic and I'll definitely go back!

Universo Vegano (http://www.universovegano.it/) is a chain with a few locations in Italy.  Despite being a chain, and despite being considered "fast food,"  the food was freshly made and didn't seem like chain food at all. The ingredients are all organic. The location in Vicenza is right on Piazza Castello which is convenient for me since I can get off the bus there.  It's even open on Sundays! 

I ordered an Incan Wrap.  It contained quinoa falafel, lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo and vegan cheese.

After I ate I was browsing the menu further. They have juices and smoothies and deserts in addition to the yummy food.  The menu also had coffees, of course...I can't think of an restaurant in Italy that doesn't.  Among the choices was a Hot Latte.  You don't find that here often.  They like their coffee stronger and with less cream.  You could get your latte with soy, rice or almond milk.  I was excited and ordered one with almond milk.

When it came it was so light that I wondered if it contained any coffee at all.  Then I sat laughing at myself as I realized my mistake.  Because latte, in Italian, is milk.  So I didn't order any coffee. I did not ask for a caffĂ© latte. I literally ordered a hot milk! And that's exactly what I got. I laughed at my mistake the whole time I drank it (it was actually pretty tasty).  I'm still laughing myself.  Lesson learned :) 

What funny lessons have you learned?

16 January 2017

La Neve - Sundays in My City

I've said it before but I really thought Italy would be warmer.  Well, just to show me, it snowed this week (la neve means snow in Italian).  Not a lot but still...snow in dang Italy (not in the mountains)! I was not amused...even if it was pretty as long as you didn't look at the roads!

I love how the big pine tree creates such a canopy that it essentially didn't snow at all on part of the yard.

Someone down the street had fun.

I hope we're done with "winter" weather!   How do you feel about snow?

25 December 2016

A Message

Cheyenne and Jack would like to say:
(aside from wanting to tell me to stop making them pose for a picture!)
Whatever you believe,
However you celebrate,
Wherever you are and,
Wherever you may be from,
Be kind to animals
(Being kind to each other might not be a bad idea either). 
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17 December 2016

Sure is Pretty - Sundays in My City

I won't complain much about the cold since some of you are experiencing much more frigid temps and snow.  Still, I thought it would be warmer here!

We moved to a house this week and just a couple blocks behind the house is this great area to take the dogs and let them roam off-leash (which technically isn't allowed here but lots of people do it so...).  I showed it to you on my first bike ride.  Here are some more views.

Frosty in the morning!
Thankfully that is not snow!

Loving the freedom after a month in the hotel.

Possibly the first time he has ever been allowed to run off-leash (he is 9 years old).  Clearly he absolutely loves it!
It gets dark fast and early!

I've been taking the dogs there most every day and it definitely beats leash walks around the block!  Plus, it seems it's always a nice view there :)

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11 December 2016

Frozen Spider Webs - Sundays in My City

I thought it would be warmer in Italy. I realize this is northern Italy but I had a vision of a very mild (read: fall-like) winter.  I was wrong.  It's freezing...actually, below freezing.  Yesterday it was also very foggy.

When I was walking the dogs yesterday morning I noticed a frozen spider web.  I decided I wanted a picture of it so I went back for my camera.  Then I noticed them everywhere.  I was fascinated.  I hope the spiders are somewhere warm!

Every fence and railing was covered with them.


Actual ice...just goes to show how strong these things are!

I'm sure I've seen frozen spider webs before but yesterday felt like the first time.  It looked like something brand new to me. I saw them again this morning (it's even colder today).  I was so busy looking at them that the dog and I missed the cross walk to cross the street and had to turn back!

Have you seen anything lately that must have been there all along but you just noticed?

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28 November 2016

Trial Ride - Sundays In My NEW City

We're moving!  Well, I found a house and we move in 2 weeks (because it takes 10 working days to get the electricity turned on).  Housing here is a little different than in the Netherlands.  There we waited 7 weeks to move into a house I looked at the 2nd week we were there.  I kept thinking I needed to look around more.  Here, housing goes fast and I didn't want to do another 7 weeks in a hotel with dogs! Plus, there I had use of a car and could spend time looking around.  Here I can walk or ride my bike (car won't be here for another few weeks) so I relied more on other people's knowledge.

I found a house that met all my requirements (no stairs (the old girl doesn't do well on them anymore), fenced yard, biking distance) and took it.  So on Sunday I went for a trial bike ride to see how the route to/from work would be.  It's not the most scenic ride since it's mostly through residential streets but there is a pretty stream that I get to cross and it's an easy, flat route.  And, my house is right next to a bakery (I'm going to have to bike everywhere!) :D

This is behind the hotel where we're staying. I have to go to the back to put my bike in the garage.  One of the prettier buildings nearby.

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Unknown Mami

20 November 2016

Welcome to South of the Alps - Sneak Peek at Vicenza - Sundays in my NEW City

South of the Alps is, obviously, different than North of the Alps.  Lots of people stationed here have previously been stationed in Germany (North of the Alps) where everything is meticulously clean and orderly and well-manicured.  It's not like that here.  So Welcome to South of the Alps is what you hear a lot when discussing the differences here.

I took the bus into downtown Vicenza today for a look around.  I meandered aimlessly (and slowly meandering seemed to be the standard pace of people) about and took pictures of random things.  I present them here without comment since I don't know what any of it is yet.

Hope you enjoyed this first visit to Vicenza.  I'm sure there will be more and, at some point, I'll learn what stuff is :)

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