28 July 2013

Day Out in Nijmegen - Sundays in My City

Once again, I had a discount train pass that was about to expire so I had to go somewhere!  I did a little googling and found out that there's a bicycle museum in Nijmegen.  Since I went to the train museum a couple weeks ago I figured no residence in the Netherlands was complete without visiting the bicycle museum. Just like the last time I had to go somewhere, it poured rain but hey, this is northern Europe and if you want to see things you'd better be prepared to see them in the rain!

First off, can you believe this is the restroom in the train station?!?!
I found Waldo!  Next to him it says 24/25 so I wonder if there are more of them around the city.  I didn't notice any but I was more focused on not getting drenched!
The thunder storm started just as I reached downtown.
Bicycles outside the bicycle museum.  I must say, the museum was rather disappointing (I really would expect much more in a country so devoted to the bicycle) but I can say I saw it!
Even in the rain the old part of the city is still beautiful!

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14 July 2013

An Apology Indeed - Sundays in My City

Utrecht is a city in the somewhat-center of the Netherlands.  Once held by the Germans during WWII (until Canada forced Germany to surrender on 5 May 1945 (5 May is celebrated as Liberation Day in the Netherlands)).  Utrecht is the main hub of the Dutch Railway System.  It is also home to the largest university in the Netherlands, Utrecht University. 

On my recent visit I saw this on the side of a building...indeed.

At the Dutch Train Museum I somehow managed to only take pictures of this amazing rusted gate but no pictures of trains.

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06 July 2013

Selexyz Dominicanen - Sundays in My City

I'm opposed to religion and I've said that before. If I did worship something it would probably be books. And if I was going to worship somewhere it would probably be this book store (although if it were a library instead of a bookstore that would be perfect!). 

The Selexyz Dominicanen book store is located in a former Dominican church in Maastricht that's more than 700 years old.  Finally, a good use for such a beautiful piece of architecture!  I've had the website bookmarked for a while now but haven't been to Maastricht since I found out about it.  Every time I see the bookmark I wonder what Polish website I have bookmarked and why.  Then I click on it and remember it's a book store that I want to visit.  According to the website it is, "the most beautiful bookshop in the world."  I haven't been in every book store in the world so I can't confirm this claim :)

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There's More to Malaga

I posted last weekend about what I did on my recent trip to Malaga.  However, there's more to the city than just a beautiful coast.

Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso.  I visited the Picasso museum in Barcelona a couple years ago so I didn't feel like I was missing anything by not going to the one in Malaga.  I did walk past Pablo many times each day as he sits in one of the historic squares that was a 2-minute walk from the B&B where I stayed.

Malaga has some beautiful Spanish architecture.


There are Moorish ruins.

Not to mention some fantastic food!  There are a couple vegetarian/vegan restaurants that I stayed at a vegan B&B (Veganbnbspain) that served the most amazing breakfasts (made fresh every morning by Emma). And we're not talking some bread and a jar of jam. These were real, delicious and filling vegan breakfasts!

One of the salads at Alcazabilla
Homemade raw granola with strawberries, strawberry-banana smoothie, homemade almond milk.
Chocolate-chia pudding with bananas, fresh-squeezed orange juice with ginger.

Tofu, tomatoes and spinach scrambled on toast with fresh-squeezed lemonade.

And, like every city, there are some quirky odd bits to be found.

I didn't go inside as I figured watching burgers float around a tank of water wouldn't be very interesting.

I don't know if I'll get the chance to go back before I leave the continent in a few months but I certainly wouldn't mind spending some more time there!