05 June 2011

Memorial Day

The Netherlands American Cemetery at Margraten.

Laying of the wreaths

Wall of the missing

Flyover at the end

03 June 2011

My American-Dutch Hybrid Bike

I ride my bike more than I drive my car now. The Dutch, though, have rules for bikes...sort of like Americans have for cars so I had to have some additions and modifications.

You have to have a light and reflectors both in the front and back and you have to have a bell.

All Dutch bikes have a wheel lock which makes it super fast and easy to make lots of stops.

Since I use my bike to go to the farmer's market and the grocery store and the gym and work...there's only so much you can carry in a back pack. So I had to add a rack and saddle bags.

I don't ride my fancy mountain off-road much and those rugged tires make climbing the hills here more work. I considered buying a Dutch bike but, like the Dutch (who are known for being very frugal), I decided it didn't make economic sense. I'm enjoying my hybrid bike and it will serve me well tomorrow when I go to the market.