13 November 2011


The day after I got back from that Surprise Visit I posted about earlier, Lynette and Phoebe arrived for a 2 week stay.

It poured rain the day we went to Amsterdam.

I convinced them to go for a bike ride with me.

In Enkhuizen on their last day.

Less than a week after they left, Gran arrived. I picked her up in Brussels and after spending a couple days there we took the train to Paris.

Gran in the Grand Palace Square in Brussels

At the bottom of the Eiffel Tower

Gran at the Eiffel Tower

Most recently, Amie and Mike came to visit.

At the castle ruins in Valkenburg (http://www.castles.nl/valk/valk.html)

Mike had two new best friends who were very sad to see him go.

As for me, I'm getting ready to spend Thanksgiving in Barcelona, Spain and Christmas in Prague, Czech Republic. Stay tuned for pictures from those trips!