28 November 2016

Trial Ride - Sundays In My NEW City

We're moving!  Well, I found a house and we move in 2 weeks (because it takes 10 working days to get the electricity turned on).  Housing here is a little different than in the Netherlands.  There we waited 7 weeks to move into a house I looked at the 2nd week we were there.  I kept thinking I needed to look around more.  Here, housing goes fast and I didn't want to do another 7 weeks in a hotel with dogs! Plus, there I had use of a car and could spend time looking around.  Here I can walk or ride my bike (car won't be here for another few weeks) so I relied more on other people's knowledge.

I found a house that met all my requirements (no stairs (the old girl doesn't do well on them anymore), fenced yard, biking distance) and took it.  So on Sunday I went for a trial bike ride to see how the route to/from work would be.  It's not the most scenic ride since it's mostly through residential streets but there is a pretty stream that I get to cross and it's an easy, flat route.  And, my house is right next to a bakery (I'm going to have to bike everywhere!) :D

This is behind the hotel where we're staying. I have to go to the back to put my bike in the garage.  One of the prettier buildings nearby.

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Unknown Mami

20 November 2016

Welcome to South of the Alps - Sneak Peek at Vicenza - Sundays in my NEW City

South of the Alps is, obviously, different than North of the Alps.  Lots of people stationed here have previously been stationed in Germany (North of the Alps) where everything is meticulously clean and orderly and well-manicured.  It's not like that here.  So Welcome to South of the Alps is what you hear a lot when discussing the differences here.

I took the bus into downtown Vicenza today for a look around.  I meandered aimlessly (and slowly meandering seemed to be the standard pace of people) about and took pictures of random things.  I present them here without comment since I don't know what any of it is yet.

Hope you enjoyed this first visit to Vicenza.  I'm sure there will be more and, at some point, I'll learn what stuff is :)

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Unknown Mami

14 November 2016

First Pizza

Of course we've all had pizza before!  But I promised the dogs that they would get pizza for dinner the day we arrived in Italy. Well, we arrived today and so they got pizza (I had some, too :D).  I'll write more about the trip later but just know it, again, involved a mad dash through the airport to make our flight despite arriving 3 hours early; but this time the flight crew was much nicer!  The dogs did great and we all arrived safe and sound.

The dogs got half of the tiniest slice plus some regular food. These are very small plates, not very large slices of pizza!

Jack had his pizza and half his food gone before Chey even got to her plate.

They both ate the pizza first!  And they both ate it so fast I didn't have time to snap a picture of them eating it :(

I stuck my head out the window to see if I could see the Super Moon (it looks like a regular-sized moon to me) and Jack had to see what was going on :)
I somehow managed to stay awake all day despite a hacking cough (mine) that didn't allow me to get much sleep on the plane.  So I'm going to go to bed early (I always go to bed early!) and hope for less coughing and more sleeping.