04 August 2013

Too Cute - Sundays in My City

I'm fully aware that not everyone thinks pictures of other people's pets are just the cutest thing ever.  If you're not one of the people who do you should not feel compelled to stick around :)

Friday was the hottest day of the year here.  There is almost no air conditioning anywhere because it's just not needed.  Friday, though, it was needed (but not to be had).  The dogs, who both used to live in Phoenix, AZ, have fully acclimatized to the weather here and can no longer cope with extreme heat.  So they spent a few days mostly lying around and panting.  Then I saw them like this.

They have such love for each other!
Later that day we took the train to visit a friend.  Tex insisted on sitting between my knees, radiating heat and panting on me for the first two rides which were on non-air conditioned trains.  On the third train (which was thankfully air conditioned) they sprawled out in the aisle and just let everyone step over or around them.

Waiting for train #2...tongues hanging in the heat

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Unknown Mami


  1. I thunk animal pictures are fabulous!
    Have a great week!
    P.S. We've been away so we just got two of your packages. I'll be posting Travel soon. Thanks, as always! XOXO

  2. I have to say, they are beautiful dogs.

  3. My dog used to live at a much higher altitude with another family. After a year with me, he still is not used to the lower clime and heat. I understand the panting!

  4. Please post more pictures of them, so gorgeous!