31 October 2013

Off to Ghana

My kid...well, he's pretty much been my kid since he was a teenager...has finished his Masters degree and is graduating. He's a brilliant young man and has worked extremely hard. I was more than happy to make it possible for him to get this education and I couldn't be prouder. I'm very glad I get to be there to see him graduate.

27 October 2013

Two Old Men - Sundays in My City

This photo was taken in Jajce, Bosnia Herzegovina (more from this town in a future post). Please don't ask me how to pronounce Jajce because despite my many attempts I never could come close enough for anyone to know what I was trying to say!

These two old men were sitting on the bench on the bridge. I surreptitiously snapped their picture without them noticing. Later, when I was walking back the other way, another old man told me to take their picture. I smiled and raised the camera but the two men on the bench protested and waved me off. I graciously lowered the camera and walked on, smiling to myself, as I already had their picture :)

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20 October 2013

Photo Lesson - Sundays in My City

I booked a photography lesson this past Friday with Tim Collins in order to actually learn how to use the new DSLR camera I got last year. I used to have a fully-manual 35mm camera years ago but then the digital revolution came along and I forgot many of the skills I once knew. The lesson took place in Amsterdam and here are a few of the shots that came as a result.

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13 October 2013

The Rusty Side of Paris - Sundays in My City

On my last trip to Paris the 2nd day was sunny and warm-ish (unlike the first day). I met up with someone who showed me around her neighborhood (which was not in any tourist guide).  When she heard I liked rust and steel she took me down under a bridge along an abandoned railway.  You have to love a host who is willing to scramble down a muddy hillside and through a hole in some fencing so that you can take pictures of rusty steel!

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10 October 2013

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!

It feels like I was just staring at a sea of cardboard boxes in my house thinking I'd much rather curl up with a blanket and a book than unpack.

And here I am again...already.  But I'm So. Not. Ready!

The time went by too fast and I do NOT want to leave :(

the. book. chat. {e-books vs print}

This week's Book Chat topic is e-books vs. print.


I've always loved books and have long been staunchly refusing the e-book.  Something about it just didn't seem right. Although, truth be told, I've never even tried one.  However, on my latest trip to the Balkans I think I might have wanted one.  See, I was flying Ryanair and you can get really cheap tickets (I paid 30 euro ROUND TRIP to the Balkans and to Norway). But, you can only take 10kg carry-on baggage and everything you take (including your camera, book, purse if you have one, backpack...everything) has to fit in one bag. So, I took one book and I ended up having to be very careful with it as it wasn't long enough (although it must have been made with Jewish lamp oil because it lasted far longer than it should have).  Since an e-reader weighs about as much as a book, I could have had plenty of books with me without any added weight. So now I'm wavering on that staunch refusal. We'll see.

What about you? Do you e-read or are you still clinging to your paper books?

07 October 2013

Fun-ffiti in Zagreb - Sundays in My City

This wall went on for several city blocks and I found the graffiti quite fun and interesting!

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