24 May 2008

Bio Hazard

Bring on the OCD. For the next 30 days I can spread an incurable disease if I'm not careful. How fun! I have to sleep by myself, shower in a different bathroom, wash my clothes separately in hot water and wash my hands obsessively.

I can't touch any babies or people with compromised immune systems. I have to wear long sleeves (so glad summer is arriving) and make sure the dogs don't lick my arm.

1 in 175 people who get the vaccine develop a serious heart condition. Great, now I'm going to be nervous for 30 days and my heart will be racing. Which, coincidentally, is one symptom of this adverse reaction.

The scab that will eventually cover the pus-filled blister can carry the live virus for up to 6 years after it falls off. So basically I have to set up a bio hazard containment center in my separate bathroom for disposal of all bandages and scabs. Fun for the whole family!

All this for a virus that has been eradicated but is still in the possession of the US, Russia and anyone who bought or stole it from one of those two countries. Well, it's a good thing neither the US or Russia has ever sold, leaked or lost anything dangerous to society. Whew!

22 May 2008


Both my arms hurt and I'm a walking bio hazard for the next month.

What could be more fun than having to clean the shower EVERY time I use it, having to separate our laundry and wash mine in hot water, having to avoid touching anything with my left arm?

And I hope none of you ever have to get vaccinated for anthrax because that shit HURTS! Just in case you were wondering. And lovely of all lovely...there's 6 or 8 shots in the series so I have more to look forward to.

Total count to date: 24 sticks, pricks and pokes. Did I mention I HATE needles?

21 May 2008

All I Need to Know

I just got some specific information about where I'll be going. Most importantly:

There is a laundry service,post office, barber shop, beauty shop / massage spa, and Medical Clinic.

I don't need to know anything else.

20 May 2008

7 Weeks

I leave in 7 weeks. Oy vey.

I need to start making a list. Actually, I need a list of the lists I need to make.

  • A list of things I need to pack.
  • A list of things I need to ship.
  • A list of things I still need to buy to either pack or ship.
  • A list of things I need to take care of before I leave.
  • A list of meals I need to cook and freeze for S so that she eats real food at least once in a while when I'm gone.
  • A list of dog and cat supplies that we need to stock up on before I leave.

I'm sure there's more. 7 weeks sounds like a long time. I have a feeling it will be over before I'm finished making my lists!

08 May 2008

New Tasker

New departure date: July 6.

If you do the math that means I'll be gone for S's birthday, Thanksgiving, our anniversary, my birthday, Christmas and New Year's.

But, I should be able to take me R&R to come home for L&H's wedding.

So, assuming the Wicked Witch doesn't interfere, I've got 9 weeks to get ready. Fortunately I've already got my paperwork done.