27 May 2018

A Marathon in Athens - Sundays in My City

A few months ago I went to Athens, Greece for a long weekend.  The weather was beautiful, the city was beautiful (and not super crowded...hint, go in February if you don't want to fight crowds! Also, if you go before easter, tickets for the monuments are half price!) but I'm pretty sure I walked a dang marathon while I was there (and the Olympic stadium was the last thing I visited which felt appropriate for the finish of my marathon).  My feet felt like battered stumps after a couple days. Athens isn't for the faint of feet...or knees.  It is hilly and uneven but the central area is small enough to be walkable...just make sure you wear very comfortable shoes!

I was going to be a good little blogger and give you info about each of the sites I visited but

1. I'm lazy
2. You know how to use Google
3. I have planning to do for my next trip!

So here are a bunch of pictures in no particular order...

The Great Drain!  No joke.  I might be the only person to get excited about that.

The Changing of the Guard seriously looked like it was orchestrated by Monty Python's Bureau of Funny Walks!

Everywhere you turn is an archeological site and I would love to go back and see more.  To learn about the origin of the marathon click here.

Sundays In My City