25 April 2011

Spring in South Limburg

South Limburg is the province where I live (similar to a county since the whole country is smaller than a lot of states). The weather has been absolutely beautiful for several weeks. I'm a little concerned that it portends a summer that's warmer than it should but I'll worry about that later. Right now, I'm too busy enjoying it!!

The sheep at a farm right around the corner had lambs.

Oh yes, we have pollen!!

Easter eggs. I never saw dye for sale. From what I can tell, you buy the eggs already colored. They're painted, rather than dyed.

I didn't even plant any dog seeds. It's always the weeds that grow the fastest :)

06 April 2011


It's a 2.5 hour train ride to Amsterdam. Not too bad. Amsterdam is a great old city with fabulous architecture and scenery. The main street between the train station and down town is now lined with tacky trinket and sweatshirt shops and trip/ticket sellers which, I suppose was inevitable but it's still a little sad to see them beneath such beautiful buildings. Then again, the sex museum has been there for ages so...

At the train station waiting to go.

Bikes and a canal...can't get more Amsterdam than that.

The infamous sex museum.

Mmmmm. Cheese! They had at least a dozen different cheeses out for sample and we sampled each one at least three times!!

Tall and skinny and all squished together. Each one different.

Sit. Stay.

House boats and row boats and kayaks all share the canal.

Even if you live on a boat you still need bikes!

And mail.

And why shouldn't you have a little outdoor breakfast nook?

Kids and groceries get a 1st class ride.

Something's Out There

There's a mole or a snake or a mouse or something that lives out back. The dogs, and Tex especially, are determined to get it. They are constantly pushing around the trash cans looking for it and digging holes (faster than I can fill them in). One day it must have gone under the neighbor's shed. Here's Tex trying to wait it out:

Tex, Whatcha Doin'?

Who, me? It's under there, I know it is. I'm gonna get it.

If I could just get a little further under there...