18 July 2008

Moving Day

The blog has found a new home. I put a welcome message on the door but nothing is unpacked yet so please excuse the sparseness of the place. The new address is: farfromkansas.blogetery.com

Feel free to stop by and visit.

15 July 2008

Stand By For Further Instructions

Well, it seems that the computer system here do not allow access to blogspot.com so I'm unable to access the blog (S is posting this for me). I'll have to find a location that is accessible here (suggestions are welcome if you know a free blogging site...mail to farfromkansas@ymail.com, ymail not gmail).

In the mean time, know that I am here, I am safe and that wearing body armor sucks.

10 July 2008

Shipping Out

Packed, loaded and ready to go. It will take almost 2 whole days to get there.

08 July 2008

Uniform Update

Well, the uniform doesn't fit as badly as I thought it was going to but I still feel like I'm a kid dressed up for Halloween. They got the pants hemmed for me but the lady took them up a little too much. So now instead of being way too long, they're a little too short. You just can't win. I'll get new boots next week so for now I'm clomping around in too big boots.

07 July 2008

Mini Me

So, they don't have pants or boots that fit me. The t-shirts go down to my knees (they said they would shrink...yeah, but not that much!). I could wear the over shirt as maternity. The fleece and polypro are huge. The smallest size available is men's small. It's really big...at least on me.

They have to order smaller boots. Till then, I have to wear ones that are too big (as in, I can slip them off when they're laced up). Between the bozo boots and britches that look like MC Hammer pants, I'm going to look like I'm playing dress-up out of daddy's closet.

06 July 2008

Weather Forecast

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu
109 111 109 105 105 Afghanistan
106 106 108 108 106 Phoenix

Hmmmm, not much difference!

05 July 2008


Yesterday I was confused all day (I know, that's pretty normal for me). Seeing as it was Friday but I was off work, I kept thinking it was Saturday and that I was leaving tomorrow (being Sunday). I was relieved every time I remembered that it was only Friday.

Well, now it really is Saturday and I really do leave tomorrow. I'm no more ready today than I was yesterday. I have a lot to do today.

Once I leave tomorrow, I'll be out of internet access until I arrive and get settled (as far as I know) so there will not be updates for at least a week (unless someone loans me a lap top).

I will have my phone with me so you can call up until Thursday afternoon. Once I get on the plane, the phone goes off. My number will be forwarded to S's phone so you can still call but it will be her who answers.

You can leave me messages here so that when I get there I'll know you've been reading (sometimes I wonder). I'll post as soon as I can to let everyone know everything is okay.


03 July 2008


Today is my last day at work. I leave in 3 days. I'm totally not ready.

Mentally I am. But I'm not packed and don't even have everything I need to pack.

I guess I'm counting on stores being open on July 4th so that I can get last minute things.

In other words, everything is SOP here.