25 February 2011


The project has officially started. The Notice to Proceed has been issued which starts the count down clock on the construction contract. It will take about a month of preliminary paperwork and submittals before they actually start with construction activities but we are finally underway.

11 February 2011

It's Raining

It does that a lot here. So it's nothing unusual.

The Dutch are firm believers that dogs need to be walked multiple times/day regardless of the weather. I'm all in favor of walking dogs and usually do it for 40-60 minutes/day; but all at once. Right now, though, it's raining. And my dogs don't like rain. Frankly, neither do I.

I guess that's why I buy fresh flowers...to cover the smell of wet dog.

02 February 2011


I found out there is a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Bulgaria, just over the border from where I was in Romania. I paid a visit. We did some hiking along the Black Sea coast.

Greg, my host and guide.


Sorry it took me so long. But here are some pictures from my trip to Romania. The base is pretty far outside of town and there really isn't anything else around.

Landing during a snow storm.

Looking out my office window.

Snow + razor wire

Walking from the hotel to the base.

The snow clung to absolutely everything.

Evening on the base

Neptune was a little further up the road in one direction and Saturn in the other. No joke.

My super wonderful Romanian hosts.


I leashed up the dogs this morning for our usual walk. They were, as always, extremely excited. We stepped outside and after a few steps I started sliding on the walk. Uh oh. I took a few tentative steps to the road and started sliding there as well. Clearly, there was not going to be a dog walk this morning. The dogs, however, didn't see a problem and were visibly disappointed when we started back to the house. Then, even after I took off the leashes and took off my coat and hat they still danced eagerly at the door. It didn't seem to sink in until I sat down at the computer. Now they look despondent. And I feel bad. But not as bad as I would have had I fallen on my ass out there!