31 July 2011

Liege Sunday Market

I took my chances with a very ominous-looking sky and took the train to Liege (Luik) in Belgium a few weeks ago. I had read that there is a giant Sunday market (anything on a Sunday is pretty rare here).
It turned out to be a beautiful day and after wandering around Liege (it's a bigger town than I expected and not as easily navigable as I'm used to in the Netherlands) with no idea which way to go (and, being a French-speaking city, I was not able to ask for directions), I randomly found the market.

It has to be at least a mile long. There was a lot of produce, clothes, meat, fish and cheese.

Not to mention fresh Liege waffles and crepes!

After all that walking (I walked for 3 hours), the waffle was the only thing I bought.

18 July 2011

Reality TV Gets Real

I haven't seen any Dutch TV shows but I actually heard about this story on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.


Just from the title it sounds like a really bad idea. Turns out it is.