29 August 2015

Losing a Friend

I had no idea how lucky I was a little over 9 years ago when the next-door neighbor knocked and, crying, asked if I'd be willing to take her dog.  I was exactly 1 week away from moving from AZ to NC.  The neighbors had moved from Michigan to AZ because the dry air was supposed to be good for the husband's allergies (I think...some medical reason like that). They got the dog thinking it would be good for the husband's arthritis to go on daily walks.  Well, the husband was often sick and sometimes barely got out of bed for weeks at a time. Because of the allergy situation, the dog was mostly kept outside. They felt like they weren't giving the dog a very good life and wanted better for him.  The dog got along very well with my dog and they wanted him to go to a good home.  How could I say no?  So, Tex joined us on our cross-country road trip. 

In the back of the truck driving from AC to NC.  I cannot believe how young he looks here!

The dogs were fast friends and I was often asked if they were from the same litter because they looked so much alike. 

Tex has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives.  He had such a great personality!  His smiles and kisses and always-wagging tail were sure to cheer you up no matter what your mood.  He could be so goofy you couldn't help but burst out laughing. But he was also so amazingly sweet and caring (both to humans and his adopted-dog-sister).  Together we've moved across the country, across the ocean (visiting 4 countries while there), and back.

Just look at that smile!

Tex was diagnosed with cancer 2 months ago.  It was very aggressive and, despite trying chemo treatments, took him very quickly.  I can't express how difficult his loss has been. Chey definitely misses her best buddy and I feel so badly for her.  They were inseparable for 9 years. 

He loved to sleep under my bed and his always-wagging tail would go thunk-thunk-thunk on the floor.  Not hearing that makes the room seem eerily silent.  I still can't quite believe he's actually gone.

Smiling and tail wagging...such a happy dog.
Thank you, sweet boy...for everything. You were the best and I hope you know how very much you were loved.  You are missed.