30 March 2012

Norwegian Brown Cheese

I have a friend here who is a Norwegian Naval officer. She recently went back to Norway for a visit and brought me some Norwegian Brown Cheese.

The first bite resulted in the thought, "What...the Hell... is in my mouth?!?" It certainly wasn't cheese. I took another tentative bite and then another. It wasn't that it tasted bad but I couldn't reconcile the taste with the fact that it was supposed to be cheese.

It looks rather dry but is actually creamy. And it tastes like salted caramel. Once I identified the flavors I was able to enjoy it. Now I'm sad because it's all gone. Hopefully she'll make another trip to Norway soon. Maybe I'll have to go with her!

13 March 2012

Hoorn & Enkhuizen...A Visit Home

I organized a weekend trip with the walking club back to my old stomping ground in North Holland. I love these old port towns. They are very different from where I live now. They have a completely different feel and the landscape is totally different. I'd move back up there if it were an option. For now I have to settle with visiting. I'm glad I got to introduce a group of friends to some of my favorite places.

The original entrance to Hoorn

At the Dromedary in Enkhuizen

This is life when you live below sea level just behind a dike.

Simone - one of the mother's I had during my exchange year. She joined us at dinner and it was great catching up.


A friend from NC moved to a base outside of London last year. I finally made it over there for a visit. Now I just need to get them here for a visit!!

Kelly and I in Bury St. Edmonds

Madeline in front of Buckingham Palace

At the Tower Bridge (mistakenly referred to as the London Bridge).

The Tower Bridge from the Tower of London - side of the river.