11 November 2012

The Garden is Gone - Sundays in My City

This is another installment of Sunday in My Backyard but I promise to do better with this in future posts.  I finished taking out the garden today. It was sunny and not cold...a very nice day for us this time of year.  I wanted to leave the last box together since it was so well made (I was afraid that it wouldn't go back together so well if I take it apart.  Of course, there's a good chance the next group of movers won't move it unless I take it apart but I'll have to wait till spring to find that out).  So, I had to shovel out all the dirt and carry it away since my wheel barrow is in storage somewhere...wherever the US Army put my stuff.  It wasn't easy but I managed to empty the box, move the box and get that part of the yard semi-leveled.  Now I just have to see if I can get some grass to regrow.

The bare patch that's left...now, how to grow grass in mid-November in Northern Europe...???

Tex supervised, as usual.

I'm hoping it stays dry enough for the mud to dry so that I can clean it up. I can't put it in the garage if I want to be able to fit my car in there (it's a rather small garage) so it will have to stay out back.   
I also took down the hammock, the clothes line and I consolidated the patio furniture to the corner so that I can cover it all with a tarp for the winter.  Normally I just leave all this stuff out but since I'll be moving sometime in the March-April time frame I figured I might as well get it taken down now while the weather is nice rather than trying to do it in the late-winter/early-spring when there's a high probability of cold and or rain. 

So that's it...I hope I get into my next house in time to get the garden set up and growing next spring but there's a lot to do and figure out between now and then. For now, I just hope I can regrow grass and keep the dogs from digging it all up!

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Unknown Mami


  1. Good luck making a garden. It is very rewarding feeling to accomplish such a goal.

  2. Cool! Love the pup supervisor!

  3. good luck with this endeavor! Ask pup for some help...

  4. My goodness, you got yourself some kind of workout there.