21 November 2012

Just Another Thursday

There's no Thanksgiving holiday in the Netherlands. As a US Gov't employee I get the day off although I plan to work part of the day.  I'll bring some pumpkin pies for the guys here on the construction site. Vlai (the Limburg (Limburg is the region in which I live) version of pie) is traditionally eaten/brought for any celebration. Pumpkin  is not a frequently-eaten item here. In fact, pumpkin (ponpoen) is the generic word for squash.  Squashes are mostly just a decoration here although you can sometimes find little pie pumpkins at the grocery store.  So I'm pretty certain these guys have never had pompoen vlai.

I also have a dentist appointment scheduled.  Oh yeah! I know how to live it up on a holiday!!  Really, it was easier to schedule it on a day I have off. 

Several people have expressed sadness at the idea of spending Thanksgiving "alone," working and going to the dentist. Really, it's just another Thursday here.  Besides, I don't need a huge meal to remember the things for which I'm thankful. 

Monday was World Toilet Day. I have a toilet and it flushes. For that I'm truly blessed (even if we've reached a Level 5 toilet paper crisis here on site).  I've lived without a toilet and with a toilet but no running water. I know how lucky I am!  I also have the two sweetest creatures who are gracious enough to share their love with me even if I work long hours and am sometimes too tired to take them for a nice long walk.  And I have the greast parents! Perfect...well, nobody's perfect. But I definitely lucked out in the parental department.  None of that will change if I go to the dentist instead of stuffing my face with turkey and mashed potatoes (not that I don't love me some mashed taters!!).


  1. Happy Thanksgiving & happy belated world toilet day! I hope the dentist is relaxing and painless....and I hope that you get to talk to your awesome parents at some point in the day :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Last night I had to make an emergency pumpkin pie because I thought I could do without it, but it turns out, I could not.

    Also they call all squash pumpkin in australia, which is just confusing.