04 November 2012

My Backyard Garden (Sundays in My City)

This is what my yard looked like the day I moved in (before the dogs started digging holes!).

Then, come spring, I assembled the garden boxes and planted veggies.

This year the strawberries came back with a vengeance and I got lots of tomatoes (The rest of this year's garden was either eaten by ?something? or dug up by dogs.).  So I was sad when I had to start tearing out the plants and dismantling the boxes. I'll be moving sometime before summer next year and I need to somehow reestablish grass in the yard (which should pose no problem now that it's November in northern Europe!).

One of the mini-harvests

When I started taking apart the first box I unleashed the wrath of the spiders that were happily residing there. I found giant spiders in my shoe, in my shirt (both after I put them on) and throughout the house.

This is the one that fell out of my shirt!!

A couple weekends ago I got all but the last box out (the last box was still producing tomatoes) and filled in all the dog-dug spots. 

Tex supervised.  That look on his face translates to:

"You know I'm just waiting until you're done and turn your back for a few minutes so that I can dig all that back up.  We both know you're going to be pissed at me and we both know I'm going to give you that sad sorry look you can't resist and we both know you're going to forgive me so can we just skip to the forgiveness part?"
Last weekend it rained a lot and I didn't get out there to finish taking out the remainder of the garden. I was being lazy today and after putting on the ripped/dirty garden clothes decided to take a nap. When I woke up it was raining again. I decided rain was my punishment for being lazy and went out to take out the tomato plants.  I picked the final few maters (they are now in my lunch for tomorrow) first.

Now all the plants are out and I just have to get rid of the dirt so that I can move the box.  It would be much easier if it would dry out but I can't count on that happening! And I really have no idea how I'm going to restore the yard in the winter.

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  1. They never told us about the spiders in "Oz!"

    Popped in from SIMC.


    1. Trust me...it wasn't in the brochure!

  2. Those strawberries are so pretty, they don't even look real. The spiders would terrify me.

  3. Agh! The spider in the shirt! I am so envious of your garden :)