04 November 2010

Wallet Woes - Updated

I don't own a purse and don't plan to change that. I carry a very small wallet that holds my gov't ID, license, insurance card, credit/debit cards and maybe a little money. That's all I need.

Now I have 2 ID cards (for 2 bases); I will have at least 2 and possibly up to 5 or 6 licenses (not including my TN license). I still have my credit/debit cards but will have to add new ones from the banks here and I still have my insurance card but will also need to add a hospital registration card. I will be getting an alien registration card (no, I’m really not from ‘round here). And I have two forms of currency; one of which sticks out the top of my wallet because it's taller than the US dollar (don't get me started on two different sets of coins!). It doesn't all fit. Oh, and let's not forget my passport. I have to have that any time I cross a border. I live on 2 borders and will probably cross them pretty frequently so I just figure it will be easier to have the passport all the time.

I need to find something that can hold all of this but still small enough that I can carry it around easily. Anyone have any suggestions?

**Update: I just got a library card and forgot about my ration cards. Because what I listed above wasn't quite enough. I have a feeling there are other cards coming that I don't know about yet. I'm thinking a small wheelbarrow might be what I need.


  1. Jess, how about something like this?


    I think it would be small enough that you could stick it in your backpack or even in a pocket.

  2. I like the one Nancy suggested. There is a travel store at the Wrentham Outlet mall that has something. I will see if I can get by there one night next week and get some pictures for you. I THINK, but I am not sure it is a little smaller than the one Nancy suggested.

  3. Try this one.

    I will still go look at the store next week for you.