24 November 2010

Jessica and the Chocolate Factory

I had to go to the office in Belgium again yesterday to connect my computer to our network. There must have been solar flares or a giant, dense cloud hanging over Belgium because the GPS kept losing signal. All I could do was keep driving until the signal came back. Usually by that time I had missed my turn or exit. I ended up taking the very long way around!

Belgium is known for its chocolates (Godiva is based in Belgium). I had heard of a chocolate factory that was sort-of, kind-of on the way so I stopped by there on my way home. There's a little store (and I do mean little) attached to the factory. The chocolates there are greatly discounted (although still not cheap by any means). The best part, though, are the samples. They don't care how many you eat. You eat them until you feel like you're going to be sick. And then you eat a few more because you realize you haven't tried *that one* yet. My stomach still doesn't feel very good.

This was the "Lucky Corner." There are boxes and boxes of various chocolates and you can buy them in bulk. Because, really, doesn't everyone need good Belgian choclates in Costco-sized boxes?

On the drive back I stopped to use the bathroom and found the cutest male/female symbols on bathroom doors.

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  1. Yum! Jess, it looks like we'll in your part of the world next April. We're booked on a river cruise that begins in Amsterdam and ends in Zurich. I have a fantasy of catching the tulip festival (or some part of it) at Keukenhof.