09 November 2010


Driving home today the GPS started talking to me in a voice that sounded like every demonically-possessed person in every horror movie ever. I tried to record it but the voice went back to normal. Demons don't like being recorded, I guess.

Just now, when I tried to heat up some left-overs in the microwave the hotel put in my room last week it growled at me when I pressed start. So I pressed stop, unplugged it and tried again. Same thing. But the light lit up and the plate turned round so I let it go. It growled at me again when I opened the door. The food was still cold. I guess demons don't like hot food, either.


  1. OMG, Jess, I shouldn't read posts like this while I'm eating dinner. I just about spit my food halfway across the room. LOL.

  2. hurry up with the house, I need to see where the hot tub is going, remember water should always point east.