02 November 2010


I had to drive to Belgium Monday to pick up my laptop, phone and GPS (phone and GPS to replace the ones graciously loaned to my by ACS). It was extremely foggy on my way down.

I asked GPS (the borrowed one which, by the way, I like better than the newly issued one) to find me a Total gas station (the gas station for which the gov't car has a card). It took me to one about 20 min off the highway. Of course, the next gas station on the highway once I got back was a Total station. But, it did take me on a very scenic tour to and through a little town and afforded me the opportunity to take some pictures of the fog and some sugar beets that were just harvested. So all was not lost.
The fog had burned off by the time I started back; actually allowing me to see some of what I was passing. Going over bridges where I hadn't been able to see anything to either side I noticed a castle, beautiful countryside more bridges in the distance and so much more. Then I realized that I must have passed all of that last Monday on my way from the airport but that time it was fog in my head that prevented me from seeing it.

The laptop I was issued prmoptly threw a hissy fit on Tuesday and is now toast. I mailed it back to the IT folks in Germany yesterday and will wait for them to mail me a new one. My personal computer, though, has been restored to proper working order and I can now upload pictures with much more ease than I was able to earlier. So more pictures to come; hopefully.

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