30 October 2010

House Hunters International

I have seen this show at Mom and Dad's. If you haven't seen it, the basic premise is that a person or couple is looking for a house. They see three, each of which has some of what they're looking for but not everything. That's what I feel like right now. At the end of the show they pick one. Here are the details in the order I saw them.

House #1: It has a good yard (a must for the dogs), kitchen is nice, floors are wood. But the bedrooms are tiny. This is typical but, also typical, they don't have closets so you have to factor in fitting more furniture in the room for storing your clothes. It has a driveway and garage. The location is good.

House #2: The bedrooms are a little bigger and it has a huge closet room so not having a closet in the bedroom isn't a problem. It does have carpet which I can live with if I have to. It has a sun porch and a decent yard but there's no fence; just hedges. My dogs would be out of that yard in a heartbeat. I could always ask that they fence the yard if I decide I want this house. It's almost walking distance to work. It has a big driveway and two garages.

House 3: This is the largest house I looked at. The floors are all wood. The bedrooms are big. The "master bedroom" even has the cutest little toilet closet. The yard is good and it's fenced. The kitchen is tiny and there's no dining room. The worst thing is there's no shower/bath upstairs with the bedrooms. There's a shower downstairs off the kitchen which seems rather inconvenient. There's also no driveway. There's a garage but but you can't get to it with a car.

So far House #1 is winning. I was supposed to see another house today but a German family rented it yesterday. Today I'm going to go walk around the neighborhoods of the houses and see how they are. And I'm going to keep looking since I have up to 90 days to find a place. I promise to take some pictures today, too.

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