27 October 2010

Funny Story From Yesterday

I went to the personnel/human-resources office yesterday. I went there on Day 1 as well. The lady who works there didn't recognize me at first and asked if she could help me. When I told her who I was she said,"Oh, you look much better than yesterday." Then she attempted to clarify by telling me I didn't look bad the day before but rather I looked, "...like an Army tomboy," whereas today I looked, "...like a woman." I told her that, "Yesterday I felt like a swamp creature (slimy and smelly) whereas today I feel more like a human being."


  1. LOVE IT. Too Funny.

  2. Well I never thought you looked like a Tom Boy..

  3. Wow you wrote alot so far,
    Everyone came over Wed. for lunch and we all miss you.
    your pal,