27 October 2010

Day Two

Today ended up being a little hectic. I looked at two houses (I was supposed to look at 3 but no one showed up to show me one. I'm going to try that one again tomorrow). One had no yard so I didn’t bother looking at the house itself. I need some yard for the dogs. The other is nice. The bedrooms are on the tiny side (typical for Dutch houses) but the yard is nice and the location is good. I have appointments to look at two more tomorrow. I hope to visit the ones I like this weekend and walk around the neighborhoods to get a better feel.

I also had to get new ID cards today. I ended up making three trips to the same place to get two ID cards. I got the first one just fine. Then I couldn’t find the building for the second and had to get to an appointment. Before I went back for the second I noticed an error on the first. So I got that corrected and went for the second. For some reason, the prints on the fingers that are currently attached to my hands did not match what is in the system. In order to override what is in the system and capture new prints two people are needed. Only one was available. Since I had an appointment at another house I had to leave and go back. It took two more tries to get the system to take everything. Finally I have the two new ID cards I need. The pictures are so different it’s hard to believe they were taken on the same day.

All that back and forth afforded me the opportunity to see more of the area. I had some trouble understanding what GPS wanted me to do a few times. Once I went the wrong way down a one-way street. Sometimes when she says “Turn Right” she means right now. Sometimes she means a little further up. So sometimes I turned too soon and sometimes I turned too late. Round-a-bouts (of which there are many) require special attention. Sometimes what I consider an exit isn’t an exit to GPS and vice-versa. Which means I really have no idea how to get anywhere yet because I went a different way every time. I kept waiting for her to say, “Where the hell are you trying to go and why can’t you follow simple instructions?”

Daily dog update: I attempted to barricade the couch in the room to keep the dogs off last night. When I woke up this morning one dog was on top of the duffel bag on the couch and the other was on top of a suitcase on the floor. They never cease to amaze me with their determination not to sleep on the floor!

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