05 March 2017

Venice Carnevale Attempted - Sundays in My City

Carnevale is an annual festival held in Venice.  It has undergone multiple different manifestations over the years.  It now mostly takes place over a few weekends.  A few years ago I went to the Carnaval (different languages spell it differently) celebration in the south of the Netherlands when I was living there.

A couple weeks ago I attempted to experience Carnevale in Venice.  I can't say it was at all enjoyable unless you particularly like seeing nothing but the back of the person against whom you're smashed while having no control over where you go as you're completely at the will of the mass.

I only managed a couple pictures as I had not the will to fight the masses.  Honestly, I have no desire to experience that ever again.  Surely I'll go to Venice many more times but I'll make a point of not going when there's a big event happening!

It took so long to get here (St. Mark's Square) that we missed the main event (Flight of the Angel).

Masks are a big part of the Carnevale celebration.  I took this one on the train using my phone.  I don't know why it looks almost water-colored...probably just because I have a cheap little phone without a good camera.
Fritale, or "little frieds,"  are a traditional Carnevale sweet.  I really had no interest in trying them since they look like little fried doughnuts and I don't like doughnuts but in the spirit of trying the things that go with the places where I am, I got 2 from the bakery next door.

I was right, they are basically little fried doughnuts but with raisins and cream.  Much like the Carnevale festival itself, I've no need to experience these again.
If you aren't like me and don't hate crowds then perhaps Carnevale is something you'd enjoy.  There are plenty of beautiful pictures and videos available online and from now on I'll be more than satisfied to look at those!

How do you feel about big crowded festivals?  Have you ever been to Carnevale?

Unknown Mami


  1. I'm not a massive fan of crowds but when they're dressed as beautifully as this, it's totally worth it.

  2. I had to laugh at the picture of the gentleman in a gorgeous period costume.....holding a cell phone! LOL. Our world would fall apart if we were separated from our technology.

    I have never cared for crowds. When I was 10, I got bumped by a boy trying to maneuver a VW through a crowd at a Christmas parade in my home town. I've had a phobia every since about crowds!! Which is why events like the State Fair, Disney World, etc. "sound" like fun but really aren't. And doughnuts.....meh. Now if that were a slice of Key Lime Pie, that would be another story altogether!!

    Glad you will get to go back and enjoy Venice when there aren't so many people to obstruct the view of the beautiful buildings!!