11 March 2017

A Good Day for Gelato - Sundays in My City

The weather has been really nice for the last few days.  The parks have been full of kids and everyone has been out walking and jogging and biking.  Today I stopped for a gelato.  Mind you, I can eat gelato even if it's freezing outside :D

I love extra dark chocolate and I once found blueberry gelato but today I planned to get lemon.  I actually get lemon pretty often.  It's so bright and crisp and not overly sweet.  When I got there I saw a new flavor...pear and ginger (pera e zenzero) so I got a double scoop: lemon and pera e zenzero).  The pera e zenzero was obviously made with fresh pears as I could taste that distinctive pear texture...you know, pears have those little almost-crunchy bits.  But sadly I couldn't taste any ginger at all.  And I really love ginger which is why I ordered this flavor.  But still, the day was beautiful and the lemon was, as usual, refreshing.  So all in all, no complaints.

Limone, pera e zenzero gelato e un giorno bellissimo.

What's your favorite treat on a beautiful day?

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