05 February 2017

Cavoli!! - Sundays in My City

Roman Cauliflower - Cavolfiore Romano

I'm taking an Italian language class.  One of my favorite things we've learned so far is that "Cabbages!!" (or Cavoli!! pronounced cah-vo-lee) is used as an expression of frustration...sort of like Dang It!!  I don't know why I get such a kick out of shouting, Cabbages!!  but I do.  So here are some Roman Cauliflower ("cauliflower" is "flower cabbage" in Italian) for you.  They look really cool, too cool to eat, but are much more expensive than regular cavolfiore so I just look at these and eat the other ones :)

Cavoli!!!...it's fun...try it with me, you'll see...CAVOLI!!!

Do you know any fun or interesting (family friendly) expressions in other languages?

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Unknown Mami


  1. What a fantastic thing, they look like something that should be on display not being eaten


  2. I saw these at the local Farmers Market. Thanks for sharing the Italian name. I learned something new :-)

  3. I love that! It sounds so much better than cabbage and definitely works to vent frustrations. I am going to use it.

    One of my favorite Spanish expressions is "sin verguenza." It literally means without shame, but you say it to someone or about someone who is being just trifling or shameless. I say it a lot at work!