22 January 2017

Vegan Vicenza and A Funny Mistake - Sundays in My City

There are a couple vegan restaurants in Vicenza.  I tried one this week.  It was fantastic and I'll definitely go back!

Universo Vegano (http://www.universovegano.it/) is a chain with a few locations in Italy.  Despite being a chain, and despite being considered "fast food,"  the food was freshly made and didn't seem like chain food at all. The ingredients are all organic. The location in Vicenza is right on Piazza Castello which is convenient for me since I can get off the bus there.  It's even open on Sundays! 

I ordered an Incan Wrap.  It contained quinoa falafel, lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo and vegan cheese.

After I ate I was browsing the menu further. They have juices and smoothies and deserts in addition to the yummy food.  The menu also had coffees, of course...I can't think of an restaurant in Italy that doesn't.  Among the choices was a Hot Latte.  You don't find that here often.  They like their coffee stronger and with less cream.  You could get your latte with soy, rice or almond milk.  I was excited and ordered one with almond milk.

When it came it was so light that I wondered if it contained any coffee at all.  Then I sat laughing at myself as I realized my mistake.  Because latte, in Italian, is milk.  So I didn't order any coffee. I did not ask for a caffé latte. I literally ordered a hot milk! And that's exactly what I got. I laughed at my mistake the whole time I drank it (it was actually pretty tasty).  I'm still laughing myself.  Lesson learned :) 

What funny lessons have you learned?


  1. The food looks so good and those little lessons you learn while traveling/living abroad are so interesting. I learned in China that water you ask for by default is HOT. If you want cold water, you have to ask for it with ice and get very strange looks.

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    2. It was good and I can't wait to try some other things from the menu!

      That is interesting! I know ice is very uncommon over here but water is not served hot unless specially requested. I'm guessing if you asked for hot water (no lemon or tea or anything) you'd get very strange looks here!