20 September 2013

Travel Your Way

Travel Your Way is a photography competition. The competition is based around modes of transport and how you travel, whether by road, air, rail or sea. 

Here are my entries...

 Air, Rail, Road
This picture of the Queensferry Bridge (which carries cars) and Fourth Bridge (which carries trains) was taken from the air...3 modes of transport in one picture!
 Road, Sea
This isn't a fabulous picture but it makes me laugh. The GPS unit thought we were still in Scotland when we were really back in Germany.

A storm rolling into the harbour in Hoorn, Netherlands
Early morning Malaga, just before sunrise

My favorite way to travel by road is on a bicycle.  These figures were being unloaded in preparation for a bicycle race in Gent, Belgium.
These bicycles were seen in Amsterdam

 Rail, Road
The Ponte Luis I Bridge in Porto, Portugal carries trains on the upper deck and cars on the lower.  The blue steel was amazingly beautiful.

I'm nominating
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