09 September 2013

Sister Insanity - Tough Mudder Round 2 Recap

My sister and I did the Tough Mudder (first time for her, 2nd time for me) a few weeks ago in Scotland.  Our little brother served as team photographer, cheerleader and press agent (seriously, that kid ran his tail off, yelled and cheered louder than anyone and grabbed every official photographer he saw demanding that they take our picture!).  Here are some pictures of the event (for last year's see here, here, here, here and here).

Honestly, this year's course wasn't as good as last year's. Both were 12 miles but this course only had about 19 obstacles as opposed to last year's 28 and the obstacles this year were...somehow less grand.  Fewer obstacles might sound like it would be easier but the obstacles help break up the 12 miles of running and I could have used more breaks :)  Plus, for some reason there just weren't very many people at each obstacle so the whole camaraderie thing wasn't nearly as present this year.  Still, it was great to do it with my sister while our brother cheered us on!! 

At the entrance
Our numbers
Reath Sister Insanity
While any of us still had the energy to be silly

Giving my sister a boost over the start wall
The Tough Mudder Pledge
And we're off!
Kiss of Mud

Electric Eel...Those are live electrical wires!
A helping hand...that's what it's all about.
Apparently we still had some silly energy left

Almost to the end
More live electrical wires...the final obstacle before crossing the finish line
With our well-earned orange head bands
And our Finisher t-shirts

Look at that smile!

Shoes left behind get cleaned and donated to charity

I'm so damn proud of this girl!!!

My sister and I on the bus home


  1. That looks intense and yet you made it look completely adorable. Congrats!

  2. No pain no gain indeed :). Looks like you had a blast! Thank you for taking us along.