15 September 2013

Tournai - Sundays in My City

I'm in Paris this weekend so for today's SIMC post I'm showing you the town of Tournai which is located close the southern border of Belgium. I hopped off the train there on my way back from Lille last weekend.  Why? Well, the train stopped there and the name sounded familiar (probably because I had seen it on the map when looking for places to visit but I thought maybe there was something there I was supposed to see) and it was a really nice day so I figured, why not? I walked around for an hour and then got on the next train.

Turns out that, along with Tongeren (which is close to the Dutch border and has a large anitque/flea-market on Sundays...I took Mom and Dad there last year), Tournai is the oldest city in Belgium. Two of the oldest private houses in Europe are located in Tournai as well as a really cool looking old bridge that I didn't know about. Since I didn't know about these until after I went there I didn't see them :(

The train station
Two little girls in pretty dresses were playing in some construction rubble. It made me very happy to see that!

The belfry, the oldest in Belgium, is one of two UNESCO World Heritage sites in Tournai

Not bad for basically getting off the train in a random town. I wish I had known a little about the town before I went there but at least I can say I saw it!

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Unknown Mami


  1. It would be nice to feel adventurous and explore a new place like this. What beauty and fun, too. The little girls are just precious! Enjoy your day!

  2. Gorgeous pictures!

  3. The joys of being able to take a train to some random place and just explore! I was just telling my husband the other day that if we lived in Europe, we'd be off on a new adventure every other weekend! Beautiful clock tower pic!

  4. I could walk around days in a place like this.
    Enjoy a cup of coffee, people watching, photo shooting...
    These images are beautiful - you have a good camera and you know how to use it!

    1. What a wonderful compliment to receive (especially from someone who takes magnificent pictures herself!) ...thank you!!

  5. How fun is that, jump off the train and take in some sites. You may have another opportunity to return, that would be cool.

  6. What a beautiful place! And your photos are truly spectacular!