30 March 2013

Salted Cod and Port Wine - Porto Food

Salted cod fish cakes
Served with red beans and rice
Accompanied by green wine.  I never knew green wine existed.
High tea at the Majestic Cafe
Port Wine
Francesinha - a sandwich containing layers of beef and pork covered in cheese and tomato sauce. I did not eat this and my friend wasn't crazy about it. Each restaurant has their own version and compete to call theirs the best.
This restaurant (not where we ate) had 8 versions.
Salted cod fish baked with corn bread on top and served with "punched" potatoes.
YES, Please!

The last night we ate in this tiny restaurant shaped like a wine barrel.


  1. The port! So delicious! I literally cried at the airport when I had to get rid of some because it added too much weight to my luggage.

    1. I flew Ryanair and you only get a carry-on and it's not allowed to weigh more than 10kg so it pretty much makes it impossible to buy anything, let alone glass bottles of wine! I brought a couple airplane-size bottles to give to people but none for myself. I'm thinking, though, that I'd really like to go back for a couple days when it's warm and dry so maybe then? Perhaps I'll find space for a little bottle for you, too :)