30 March 2013

Odd and Curious - Porto

See that old wooden phone? It rang and she answered it!
No matter how hard it was raining there was laundry hanging everywhere. Some people covered theirs but with 100% humidity I'm not sure that any of it had a chance of drying.

JK Rowling lived in Porto for a while and rumor (at least in Porto) has it that many of her ideas for Harry Potter came from the city. There's a famous book store that is truly beautiful inside although usually quite crowded and the owner doesn't allow photos (but you can buy a box of post cards for 10 euro) so I had to zoom in from the street to get a picture of the staircase.
I loved the rainbow rust colours.
Shoes made from cork. Cork is popular in Porto due to all the wine.
Holy frizz balls!!  This is what happens when it's rainy and humid. I looked like this all week and there was nothing I could do about it!

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