22 February 2013

I'm Sure It Will Be Fine {Commence Nail Biting}

I've been known to have some control issues. Okay, perhaps that's an understatement. Fine, it's a big understatement! Can we move on, please?

The last couple weeks have been very stressful at work and have included lots of very long workdays (11-12 hours).  I talked to a friend about going away this weekend and found someone to watch the dogs.  Normally, I'm all over planning activities. Whenever I go somewhere I have to have everything mapped out including walking and/or transportation routes between lodging, things to see and places to eat (I like to have ideas of places to eat so that I'm not left super hungry and looking for some place that serves something other than pork).  This time though, I had no time to do any planning. I told my friend it was all up to her.  YIKES! 

I'm sure what she booked is not what I would have booked (although I haven't looked at it because I don't want to freak out).  I don't know if she's looked up anything or even if she has any ideas. I'm sure it will be fine...I'm sure it will be fine...I'm sure it will be fine ...cue panic attack!  I'm trying to breathe and put it all out of my mind and plow through my work today and let whatever happens tomorrow... happen. This is NOT easy for me. But I'm proud of myself for letting someone else handle it rather than stay up too late trying to do it all myself which would only result in me being tired and thus, even more stressed.

Wish me luck tomorrow!  I'm sure it will be fine...


  1. Good luck and have fun!

  2. I think it will be great! Doing things that someone else has planned will just show you a different take to wherever you're going. And also sometimes not having a plan at all can lead to a whole different adventure!