02 February 2013

Go to Bed

I don't have TV. I haven't had TV for a long time. And I'm good with that. But that means I get almost all my news and entertainment via the computer.  Recently I read an article on how to make resolutions you can stick to (I don't know why I was reading this article because I don't make resolutions...I must have been bored at work).  One suggestion was, rather than resolve to "get more sleep" you should be more specific.  For example, resolve to turn off the computer by 8pm.

It's been great! I don't get stuck watching stupid youtube videos or reading articles that don't even interest me until way past bedtime.  I started spending some time stretching before bed (I workout just about every day but rarely take the time to stretch like I should so this has been particularly good). I have more time to rub the dogs' bellies and scratch their ears during our nightly pre-bed ritual and I'm fairly certain they are okay with the extra lovin. I'm reading before falling asleep; something I used to do every night.  I'm really enjoying spending less time on the computer.  I'm thinking of setting the cut-off time even earlier!

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