10 February 2013

Carnaval - Sundays in My City

One of the most important local events in the Dutch province of Limburg is Carnaval. During the three-days of Carnaval people will dress up, go out, drink and be very merry.

Seen while walking the dogs this morning
At the train station
Yellow, Green and Red are the colors of Carnaval

The Vegetable Woman. At midnight on Tuesday, the end of Carnaval, she'll be thrown in the river.

The Carnaval Prince of Maastricht.  The Chronicles of Babylon, in 2600 B.C. speak of the sacrificial death of the king every year during the New Year's celebrations. The king would die for his people in order for them to start the new year without sins. To prevent the kinghood becoming a one-year affair, it was decided to have a temporary king during these days. This would be either a terminally ill person or a criminal condemned to death. During the festivities these men would live the life of a king. Now-a-days a Prince is selected in each city, town and village. As far as I know he is not sacrificed!


You don't have to dress up in costume to join in the fun over at Unknown Mami!

Unknown Mami


  1. such beautiful, colorful photographs. I felt like I was part of the festivities. San Francisco also holds Carnaval which is part of its Mission District heritage. And,nearly 50 years ago, I spent six years in New Orleans, three of them in nursing school and three years as a RN. Needless to say, Mardi Gras was one grand party.

    My Sundays in My City is at:

  2. Stunning series of festive photos! It's soooo colorful and they all look so cheerful that I would love to see in my eyes!!!
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful night, Dorothy:)

  3. we loved the pictures. I shared them with my grandson.

  4. So fun and colorful! Thank-you for sharing.

  5. That looks like fun for all ages...well, fun for everyone except the King! What amazing costumes. I love the little one in the buggy! Enjoy your week! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. I've never seen anything like this!

  6. How cool! I ad no idea that the Dutch celebrated Carnaval. What fun colors and costumes!


  7. Wow, so colorful! All the costumes look like tailor made!
    Is it common to wear the same costume year after year?