16 December 2012

Windows - Sundays in My City

Many (most) Dutch houses have big front windows. They are rarely "empty."  I've been thinking of photographing them for a while now. I discovered photographing windows is really difficult. Reflection and glare are pretty impossible to eliminate. Plus, it's really difficult to take a picture of a window without looking like you're trying to take a picture through the window. So, these aren't the greatest pictures. If I figure out how to take window pictures without all the glare and reflection I'll do another post about them.  You can click on the pictures to view them a little bigger.

Large decorations like this are pretty normal.

A rather random assortment of things.
Sinterklaas (NOT the same as Santa) decorations are common this time of year. These people didn't bother to take down their regular decorations so there's a combo.
The people inside saw me taking this picture and gave me quite a surprised look.

Someone is having a birthday
Cute puppy

Now, as usual, head over to Unknown Mami and check out what other people are posting from their cities. Always a good time!

Unknown Mami


  1. The thought of you trying to take pictures of people's windows and not look like you are snooping made me giggle, it is exactly the sort of thing I would do!


  2. I love seing other peoples' windows. Aren't they letting you look into their soul.

  3. I love your eclectic window shots. It's easier to take window pictures in towns that do not have glass in the window, like many places in Honduras. Many nativity scenes are places in open windows here. I need to take more pictures!

  4. I had the same problem in CAC Málaga :)
    It's interesting how we create different worlds from the same theme....

  5. Wow! And you can really see common themes in the architecture too - you could've posted the same window with different dressings they're all so similar (the dressing are different...oh you get my point. I hope. Maybe?)

  6. I think it's pretty funny that you could come off looking as though you are trying to take a picture through the window instead of taking a picture of the window.