09 December 2012

Walking to Germany - Sundays In My City

The Tri-Border walking club took a walk across the border into the nearby town of Gangelt to take in their Christmas market.

Crossing the border. No trolls or German border guards asking for ID.

Potato pancakes. YUM!

Eating roasted chestnuts.

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  1. I love the glass baubles and the potato pancakes look delicious.


  2. So awesome! I wish I could catch a plane and see all that for myself. The wood carvings are lovely and I love the pic of the girl in Santa shorts.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Some day I would like to visit Germany. Your pictures show a nice view of the culture. I really like the wagon wheel with the fruit in it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a delightful trip to Germany. Thanks for taking me along. I must say I prefer to be in a semitropical place today. I almost went swimming yesterday. It was warm enough, I just didn't want to take the time of filling up the pool.

    1. I miss being warm...it doesn't often happen here. I think I need to plan a warm vacation sometime next year!

  5. I love the rustic quality of both the town and the pics.

  6. Can't decide which I like best, love them all - the wooden blocks, the bottles, the fruits, you take awesome pix!

  7. Beautiful, I love the apples and walnuts - not only do they look pretty together they taste pretty together!

  8. I love the glass ornaments. Great set of photos.