07 October 2012

I'm Not a Blogger - Sunday in My City

I have this little blog here so that my family and friends can see what I'm up to here.  I'm not a "blogger."  I don't have ads on the side of my page. I don't schedule blog posts.  I don't know all the lingo of blogging.  I just occasionally post things that I think people who know me might find interesting.  But I saw this "Sundays in My City" on a couple other blogs and thought I'd try it.  I'm not sure how it works or if I'm going to do it right but there goes...

Every other month or so they set up a little carnival downtown.  Yesterday the dogs and I walked around and took some pictures.  The rain that dampened the day earlier had stopped but there still weren't very many people there.

Given the recent invasion of spiders I've been experiencing (finding them in my shoes and clothes) this was not something I needed to add to my nightmares!

Porn fries?

That's a LOT of candy!
If you could win (or, more likely, lose) money here the name might make sense but the prizes were just little stuffed animals and such.

This little guy's eyes lit up when he saw the dogs but when one moved towards him his look turned to one of fear.
"Always a Prize"

So, that's it...Sunday in my city (where I live is in no way a city...here it's called a village...but it's where I live and I love it here!).  If it worked I might try it again. 

Unknown Mami

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